Where are you going to get your SCARE on this Halloween?

Raisin Hell Ranch

Two NEW- Haunted Corn Fields. Wicker village & 1950 fallout village and Snyd’s Sideshow of Oddities where you will see the odd unique abnormal and bizarre and maybe a myth or two- and the classic Blackout maze to haunt your nightmares cause who isn’t afraid of the dark?

Wicker Village

Wicker village was a quiet town until the day the Nuclear testing site calculations were off..and the bomb sirens were too late. Wicker Village suffered a devastating lost.The village was soon abandoned. Members of a local historical society decided to turn this little village into a museum to educate about Nuclear testing; unbeknownst to anyone that some still resided, welcoming those to Wicker Village.

Snyd’s Sideshow of Oddities

Lights…cameras…Show biz! It’s the 1886 and Jenny Jones is the star of Snyd’s Sideshow and oddities. Having been born with ectrodactyly or “Lobster hands” he fits right in with her fellow companions on the Circus tour. Welcome to Snyd’s Sideshow of Oddities! Be warned you cannot take back what you are about to see!


– The wind, the corn, the dark, and you…these are the only things between you and freedom. Can you find your way out of the maze? Will you make it out alive that is? As the darkness seems to envelope you the further you go…the cold chilling you to the bone had it been 30 mins or 3 hours? Come see if you can make it out of the blackout maze!

NOTE – These attractions are NOT recommended for children 12 yrs and younger. Parental discretion is advised.